Malibu Boats Spain | Experiencing the 2017 Model Range In Zurich



We have recently attended the Malibu Dealer Meeting in Zurich for Malibu dealers from all over Europe, as exclusive representatives for Spain. During our stay in Zurich we were able to test all the new 2017 models, and were particularly surprised by the new model Malibu M235. A boat whose performance, fit and finish left us speechless.

As you step onboard you can feel that it is something special, a level of quality of all its components never seen so far in ski or wakeboard boats. Its finish and details are amazing, the dashboard, its interior design, its adjustable rear seats providing the perfect vantage point from which to watch the action behind the M235, its controls, the exclusive Malibu G4 tower, the racks to carry the wake or wakesurf boards etc ...

It can be seen that Malibu has left the competition behind with these new 2017 Malibu models, all sharing the same level of quality of components, and high standard of fit and finish.

On the water, the M235 with the power of its 450 hp (the smaller of the two engines available) effortlessly accelerates to the optimum speed whether for wakeboarding or wakesurfing, maintaining these speeds with the use of Zero-off. The maneuverability is with ease and agility creating a smooth and enjoyable experience for all those on board. The M235 is also available with the Supercharged 575CV Indmar engine!!

The ISP (Integrated Surf Platform) technology Malibu has created and installed on the Wakestter range of models is overwhelming, this Malibu patented technology includes the remarkable Surf Gate wakesurf wave creating, with just a push of a button you can decide whether to surf Regular or Goofy, the size of the wave is remarkable, and there is no need to displace the passengers from side to side of the boat. Also, the Ballast system with a fully integrated command center allows you use the preset wake and wave modes for beginning, intermediate, or advanced users, which automatically fill the bow, central and rear solid ballast tanks creating the perfect wake and wave, you can also fine tune and save your personalized wake and wave set-up. In addition to the solid ballast tanks, the combination of the patented Wedge is able to generate the effect of more ballast producing a huge wake or wave.

The Wedge has a double role in addition to generating a larger wake or wave, it also automatically varies its position automatically initially acting as a hydrofoil, the position creates lift resulting in a quicker plane time. It is surprising the ease with which the Power Wedge manages the time to plane despite being fully loaded in Wakesurf mode for example, which also translates into a remarkable fuel economy. The M235 (also optional on other models) has an integrated rear video camera providing a clear view of the skier or rider on the Command Center instrument panel at the press of a button, a Joystick at the helm allows you to control the speed, Wedge, Surf Gate and music. All these functions can also be handled by the rider or skier themselves with the Malibu Surfband. Strapped to the wrist of the rider or skier the Surfband with Bluetooth technology allows you to adjust all those parameters to your liking while you wakeboard or wakesurf.

The design, creation and execution Malibu has achieved with these new 2017 models, has raised the bar to a new level, challenging the other competing brands to raise theirs if they do not wish to be left behind. As they say at Malibu "The truth is on the water" and we truly experienced this during our time with Malibu on Lake Zurich.