Malibu VIP Event in the Beautiful City of Vienna


This year’s Malibu VIP event took place in the beautiful City of Vienna, where we were joined by Malibu’s CEO Jack Springer.

Celebrating the Evolution Pro Tour making its first stop in Europe, we decided we would host the VIP weekend in Vienna at the same time. The Malibu guests enjoyed the VIP & Riders dinner, followed an exclusive presentation of the all new Malibu 23 LSV.

The following day the all-new 23 LSV & Axis A24, along with the 22 MXZ, TXi, Axis A20 and the uncompromising Malibu M235 were all in the water for our guests to gain hands-on experience, and in the case of the 23 LSV & A24, being the very first to helm these models in Europe.

So just before lunch we each selected a model, jumped on board and headed the short distance upstream to the location of the Malibu Evolution Pro, where our VIP guest enjoyed the array of catering, and the world’s best wakeboarders and wakesurfers doing what they do best, powered this time by the uber cool M235.

In the evening we ventured into the heart of this vibrant city, walking around admiring the stunning architecture, and some of the group even indulged in the Vienna nightlife (accompanied by a number of pro athletes, who shall not be named), partying into small hours.

Sunday came all to soon, with our VIP guest enjoying a frontline view of the finals, culminating with the crowning of the Evo Pro Champion and the WWA wakeboard champion.